For more than ten years, Dr. Vasefi’s academic and industrial work has ranged from basic fundamental research in electrical and optical engineering to translational cancer diagnostics applications. In particular, Dr. Vasefi is interested in commercially adoptable technologies that use innovative optical imaging systems, image processing algorithms, and integrated micrometer and nanometer scale optical devices in biological sensing and imaging systems. Dr. Vasefi received his doctorate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Simon Fraser University, Canada. His publications include conference papers (60), journal articles (20) and U.S. patent applications (4). During the doctoral and postdoctoral trainings, he has received a number of international and Canadian awards from SPIE, Canadian Institute of Health Research, and Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems institutions. As CTO at SafetySpect, Dr. Vasefi manages the coordination of internal personnel, contract manufacturers, academic collaborators, software developers, and strategic partners to bring a new medical device to market under quality system requirements.