Dr. Paschane is a Human Scientist (Subject Matter Expert) in applied methods of analytic and strategic improvements to performance and capability. With 25 years of experience and over 30 notable projects, his analytic consultation has helped organizational leaders identify and adopt successful improvements in workforce development, workflow automation, performance accountability, and decision effectiveness. His analytic methods incorporate expertise in data use and governance, solution architecture and business translation, and human psychology and organizational behavior. Throughout projects, he pursues rapid understanding and execution, and integration with policy-making, organizational communication, and business-case transparency. 

Dr. Paschane has provided analytic and data use advisement in nearly every sector, and has published on a broad range of relevant risk and design issues. He is adaptive in methodological approaches to enhance executive and employee participation and reduce risks and errors. His methods include advanced quantitative and technologically-enhanced analyses, and reliable qualitative analyses in the form of participant observation, confidential and ethnographic interviews, walk-through observations, and ground-truth verification of cause-effect pathways. His background in marketing, human performance and risk counseling enhances his ability to design feasible analytic methods. 

Dr. Paschane is actively engaged in monitoring, reviewing, and responding to national public policy issues and Federal management responses in the form of initiatives, policies, briefings, and innovations. He organizes data and analyses in support of Federal improvement strategies. He has been an advisor to Congressional offices, to leaders in nearly all the Federal departments, and to a variety of government-wide entities. He facilities performance and accountability development through an online leadership community, the Better Government International Forum.