Wound Exam Corp provides solutions for managing health through advanced, multimodal evaluation and analysis
of skin condition and integrity.


The core technology of Wound Exam Corp has a long history and a wide range of healthcare applications. It was first used in clinical trials for
the assessment of melanoma.

Mission & Purpose

The Wound Exam Corp mission is to promote optimal patient health and healing by providing the most advanced methods of skin assessment and clinical information that enable best medical practices


Disease and injury can cause the breakdown of skin, resulting in wounds, ulcers, and lesions that are often precursors to a greater risk of a variety of primary and secondary infections that can lead to severe and chronic pain, limb amputation and death.


Wound Exam Corp has created a solution of an integrated scanning, imaging, analytical, and telemedical technologies for the most extensive and objective measurement of skin and wound conditions with real-time electronic reporting and documentation for clinicians and patient

Data Analysis

By amassing these data and through their analysis, Wound Exam Corp intends to maximize compliance with best medical practices, and to continuously improve best practices.

Wound Exam offers a complete solution

Revolutionizing the process of care


Monitored at home

Revolutionizes the process of monitoring wounds and skin integrity by eliminating the need for the patient to visit a doctor’s office or clinic enhances the ability for regular patient monitoring


Measures multiple variables

Measures multiple biomarkers that are determinants of skin integrity, creating a far more robust tool for health management than other existing tools.



Expedites the clinical response time through the integration of data collection, analysis, and reporting to the attending physician through telemedicine so patient care plans can be updated and more timely clinical interventions may be made


For Diabetics

Diabetes frequently causes many problems in feet, including ulcers that may lead to serious complications.


FootAssure™ scans a patient’s feet for early detection of ulcers and foot health screening to avoid problems associated with diabetic neuropathy, particularly pre-ulcer detection. FootAssure™ aims to avoid worst case scenarios where amputation may be necessary.


For Facility & Home-Acquired
Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, are a form of skin injury that develops from prolonged exertion of pressure on the skin. Patients with limited mobility are at greatest risk for developing pressure ulcers. If not detected early or left untreated, pressure ulcers frequently cause life-threatening complications.


WoundAssure™ creates a comprehensive solution for early detection, assessment and tracking of pressure ulcers according to best practices and enables full patient care documentation.


For Amputees

The process for a new prosthetic that truly fits properly can be long and painful, often with risk of ulcers, pain, and long-term psychological effects.


LimbAssure™ scans an Amputee’s limb with advanced imaging to create the best fit for a prosthetic as well as understanding the skin and joint’s underlying health.


Simplified and Standardized
Patient Care


Easy To Use

The app guides the healthcare practitioner at every check-up of the patient, empowering nurses to make the best decision every time.


Advanced Insights

Suggestions and advice according to best-practices are embedded in the application and merged with the imaging insights of the patient's body.


Safe Data

The cloud-based architecture allows instant documentation of all actions and allows an effortless tracking of events from admission to discharge.